Bernd Strom

Featured in December

Bernd Strom
BU11 Copa and MVHS Head Coach
Born In: Dortmund, Germany
When did you start playing soccer? I started playing when I started to walk. As a youth player, I played mostly holding and attacking center mid. At UW and for the Portland Timbers, I played outside back and center mid.
How many years have you been coaching? I have been coaching since 1988. I absolutely love it! Being involved in young peoples' lives is so cool.
Where would you like to travel? I would love to go to South Africa, Cape Town
First choice on Netflix? Grey's Anatomy
What do you do other than coach? I am a 6th and 7th grade English and Social Studies teacher at Conway Middle School. I never turn down an opportunity to play percussion/drum. I am a big fan of Jesus and am involved at Bethany Covenant Church.
Favorite homecooked meal? Every Friday night my wife and three kids make homemade pizzas from scratch together, and they are totally amazing!