Girls U16 Premier Team Wins WSPL for Third Straight Year

The U16 girls have really seen the fruits of their labor this season. These girls have put in an incredible amount of hard work and dedication - they are one of the first examples within the club that shows our ability to be one of the best teams in the state for this age. 

In the summer, these girls were playing at a remarkable standard - making it to the semi-finals at the NPL Nationals, winning State Cup last Spring, as well as the Baker Blast, a large tournament in Whatcom County. They also gave noteworth performances, having drawn in a lot of top college recognition for some individuals. Despite a tough spring season due to long-lasting high school season injuries and players being away, these girls have shown an immense amount of character through the success of yet another premier league title, all the while playing some very good soccer.

The girls will now be hitting Riverside Gym to prep for June Regionals and gearing up for another prospect of Nationals. We are excited to continue to watch these girls grow as a new season approaches, and we look forward to all the opportunities that will be opening up for them in these next few years.