NWU Sounders Success

NWU Sounders Success

Northwest United have had great success over the last 18 months with some of our players attending Seattle Sounders Discovery Programs, camps and more.

Edgar Serrano, a member of DOC Kristian's 03 boys left the club this summer to become a full time member of the Seattle Sounders 03 team.

Nate Berg has been a member of the Sounders Discovery program and has also represented the U14 boys at a LA showcase. 

Roberto Guzman has been a member of the Discovery program and spent the Summer of 2017 participating in the historic Youdan Trophy, playing teams from across the Country including Manchester United!

We have also had Sounders Discovery Program success with Henry White, Ace Carr and Jonny Tang attending their training and programs.

Congratulations to all the boys on their hard work and success over the years which are being rewarded by Washington's MLS club!