Northwest United Uniform

Northwest United is proud to be an Adidas partner! all our players and coaches are part of the Adidas family, and the brand helps us represent our red and black colors! We are also very lucky to have Soccer City help provide orders and apparel for our club!

For the 2018-2019 season, the club will be entering a new uniform cycle. Our uniform cycle changes every two years, and with the quality of Adidas uniform, it means they will last! See below for the breakdown of what players will be required to wear next season. Prices are shown below for both required and individual items.

Men's & Wmn's Uniforms (U11+) - (Required Uniform Bundle - $92.25)

Tabela 18 Jersey: White #'s on both jerseys - $22.50 each

Colors: Black/White & Red/White 

Sizes: Mens (AS-AXL), Wmns (WS-WL)


Regista 18 Short: no #'s - $18.75

Color: Black/White

Sizes: Mens (AS-AXL), Wmns (WS-WL)


Copa Zone 3 Soccer Socks: $12


Entrada 18 Jersey (training): Red #'s on jerseys - $16.50

Color: White/Black (M's - CD8438, Yth - CF1044)

Sizes: YM-AXL for both boys & girls 


Youth (U9/10, Boys & Girls) (Required Uniform Bundle - $67)

Estrada 18 jersey, YS-YXL, white #'s on both - $15.00 each

Colors: Black/White & Red/White 


Parma 16 Short: YS-YXL, no # - $12 each

Color: Black/White (AJ5892)


Copa Zone 3 Soccer Socks: 


Training T-Shirts: 


Estrada 18 jersey, YS-YXL, Black #s - $15.00

Colors: White/Black 


Men's, Wmn's & Yth Warm Ups (U11+) 

Condivo 18 Training Jacket: Red #'s embroidered on jacket - Mens - $48.76/Youth - $45

Colors: Black

Sizes: Mens (AS-AXL), Wmns (WS-WL), Yth (YS-YXL)


Condivo 18 Training Pant: Red #'s embroidered on pant - Mens - $37.60/Youth - 33.75

Colors: Black/White 

Sizes: Mens (AS-AXL), Wmns (WS-WL), Yth (YS-YXL)


GK Uniforms Men's & Yth - (required uniform bundle - Adults - 81.75/Youth $66.75) 

Adipro 18 GK Jersey LS: YM-AXL, white #'s - Adults -$48.75/Youth - 33.75

Colors: Grey/Solar Yellow 


Condivo 18 GK Short: YM-AXL, no #'s - $21.00

Colors: Grey/Solar Yellow - Adult & Yth


Copa Zone 3 Soccer Socks: 

Northwest United is Proud to Partner with Soccer City for All Our Soccer Needs!

Soccer City help provide all of our club uniform and apparel. As well as the required uniform above, you can also order a number of additional items for players, as well as parents and families!

Hats, hoodies, blankets and other training items can be found on the Soccer City website under youth clubs and NWU.